I’m back

It’s been so long since my last post, but so much has happened since than. I’ll try to catch up.  First I got to finish my first Half Marathon what a journey. I learned so much and fell completely in love with running. It’s crazy, and everytime  I’m out running, I ask my self why do I do this, but when I finish I feel accomplished.  Since than I’ve run a 10k and a 5k. Yes I know I started backwards. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time and the energy to run when you have a toddler, husband and tons of task to do at home. But we can achieve what we want if we put our effort and mind to it. God has giving me the strength to accomplish so many things and still be a mom and a wife. Take a lil time to do something you like, whatever it might be, so when you come back to your mommy duties you feel more powerfull and at your best. For me running its like a refresh button.

Tell me what makes you feel re-energize.  Share your story.






Half crazy

So like if motherhood isn’t crazy enough and exhausting.  I added more challenge to my daily routine.  Run the Miami Half Marathon.  They call it half crazy. But if you have a toddler in the mix, I’ll call it, going nuts, completely crazy. To spice things up now I wake up at 5 AM go for a run and then train so I can be strong enough for the marathon. This goes on 5 days a week. As you can imagine I get home dead tired to my crazy mommy duties.

So why am I doing this you may ask? I’m asking myself the same question. (Joke). I’m doing it for me, for all the mommy’s out there that think they can do anything else, to be healthier and stronger for my daughter.

Philippians 4:13 (NKJV)
13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Join me in this crazy journey.


Flash back friday

Sweet September,  the month I received the biggest blessing. I became the mother of Isabella Rose my gift from god.

This month she’ll be turning 2. Time flies and I’m getting nostalgic, as I remember all the lil things,  like breastfeeding,  sleepless nights,  tummy time, doctors, sick days, learning to crawl,  walk, first word (it was Dad, can you believe I spent hours telling her mom , mom , mom and she said Papi.) Taking her places, afternoon strolls. So many things I’ve learned and keep learning. I am so great full to God for giving me the gift of motherhood.

I not going to cry, I’m not going to cry… I can’t stop thinking how blessed I am to have you as my daughter.  You fill my life with joy and laughter.  And I melt when you call me mami ♡

Soon you’ll be 2. But this feels like yesterday…♡








Let it go…

I admitted, I’m guilty. I’ve been trying to fit in with this new wave of moms looking perfectly after giving birth. And let me tell you, it is exhausting. I put so much pressure on myself to get back into shape and I criticize everysingle inch of my new mommy body and shame on me, I’ve compared myself with other mothers that are looking neat and perfect all the time.

Been a women is a lot of work, but been a mom and women it’s double the work. Back in the days we had to deal with peer presure. Now, I have to deal with mom looking good all the time presure if you know what I mean.

And I ask myself. How do they do it? Cause I don’t know about you, and please feel free to give me advice if I’m a distaster or don’t now how to handle both at the same time. But between making meals, snacks, playdates, learning time, cleaning, and just keeping up with my handful toddler. I barely have time for me. And when I do  I’m tired, and still put in some workout time. Big shutout to moms with a full time job.

This wave has taking its toll on me. And I’m letting go. I’m accepting this new me. With its flaws. Not looking perfect all the time. But just been happy with the blessing that God has giving me. My daughter.  I’m going to enjoy this journey, and try to be the best version of me without comparing myself with no one.

Bye fitness gurus, mom with three kids and a six pack saying what is your excuse? I don’t need one, I’ve decided to take my time, enjoy motherhood. Your six pack doesn’t make you a better mother and my flaws don’t make me a bad one either. We just have a different ways of doing things. I don’t criticize you, don’t criticize me.

Let us be happy with ourselves and the miracle of motherhood.

Share your story.


Banana bites


For on the go moms, that don’t have much time to cook from scratch. Here is a yummy and fast recipe.


1 banana
1/2 tb of cocoa natural unsweetened
1 Cup pancake batter of your preference


Follow directions for your pancake mix
And add the cocoa
Slice banana and  deep
One at a time into the batter
Place on a butter griddle cook for 1 minute on each side until brown.

And you have a yummy and fast breakfast that your little one will enjoy.

Easy breeze punkin pancakes


So this is my tip for the day, it wasn’t invented today but it sure can help, when you are out of options for breakfast or snacks and no time to cook from scratch. 

1 cup punkin puree – oven baked or canned.
Punkin spice
And your preference mix of pancakes. Follow directions and add the other ingredients.

Mix them all and you have delicious punkin pancakes as good as made from scratch.  I’ve done both versions and they are both yummy.

Get fancy and put any fruit on top and chocolate chips semi sweet. Enjoy.

Share your easy breeze recipes.


The journey begins

When I found out I was pregnant, I went into let’s learn everything about babies and labor mode on. My favorites shows were A baby story and Pregnant in heels. But I didn’t stop there internet became my best friend. I read from colics, sudden death syndrome, baby vaccines,c-section, epidural,natural labor and I could go on and on . I was into watching everything as real as possible, I’m talking about live labors and c-section.  Yeah it can be overwhelming.  But I wanted to know as much as I could of everything. So on September 30th 2012 my water broke. I jumped out of my bed into the bathroom took a bath and another one and another one, until my mom screamed at me the water it’s not going to stop. My labor didn’t go as I planned, learned or imagine. I will make a blog about it later. What I’m trying to say is that no matter how much we read about labor, motherhood and everything that has to do with it. We are never fully prepare for the life changing experience of becoming a mom. A new me was born the day. To moms to be take one day at a time and enjoy this wonderful jorney. It’s been 2 years since I became a mother and I learn something new everyday. Isabella is my teacher and her smiles are my rewards. Never a dull moment. 

Share your story…


How to deal

Finally some quiet and alone time to write my first blog. I never get much of it nowadays. I’m at the stage of helping Isabella to deal with her meltdowns. They don’t happen very often, but she is a toddler learning to deal with her emotions. But I realize this week when I took her to eat ice cream that I need to learn how to deal with the pressure of people looking at me, while she’s having her meltdown. I feel uncomfortable, center of attention and embarrassed. Along comes the strangers that want to step in and tell you what to do. Believe me it happened to me that day. I was trying to calm Isabella and some Radom lady grab my daughter and was telling me what to do.

So I learned how to deal. here are my tips:

*Breath,don’t get caught up in the drama.
*calm down. Don’t scream or spank the toddler.
*It’s difficult but ignore the tantrum, and the raised eyebrows of the crowd.
*Let your child scream it out. Walk around. And return to the place when your toddler has calm down.
*persons offering unwanted advice say “thank you, but I have this under control.

The right tactic has to do with each individual need. But I learn that addressing the meltdown as it happens is a better long term solution than just leave or give in on what Isabella wants at the moment.

Share your story. How do you deal?