How to deal

Finally some quiet and alone time to write my first blog. I never get much of it nowadays. I’m at the stage of helping Isabella to deal with her meltdowns. They don’t happen very often, but she is a toddler learning to deal with her emotions. But I realize this week when I took her to eat ice cream that I need to learn how to deal with the pressure of people looking at me, while she’s having her meltdown. I feel uncomfortable, center of attention and embarrassed. Along comes the strangers that want to step in and tell you what to do. Believe me it happened to me that day. I was trying to calm Isabella and some Radom lady grab my daughter and was telling me what to do.

So I learned how to deal. here are my tips:

*Breath,don’t get caught up in the drama.
*calm down. Don’t scream or spank the toddler.
*It’s difficult but ignore the tantrum, and the raised eyebrows of the crowd.
*Let your child scream it out. Walk around. And return to the place when your toddler has calm down.
*persons offering unwanted advice say “thank you, but I have this under control.

The right tactic has to do with each individual need. But I learn that addressing the meltdown as it happens is a better long term solution than just leave or give in on what Isabella wants at the moment.

Share your story. How do you deal?


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