Messy little girl

It’s messy, it’s crazy, but I love everything about it.  Enjoying motherhood.



Let it go…

I admitted, I’m guilty. I’ve been trying to fit in with this new wave of moms looking perfectly after giving birth. And let me tell you, it is exhausting. I put so much pressure on myself to get back into shape and I criticize everysingle inch of my new mommy body and shame on me, I’ve compared myself with other mothers that are looking neat and perfect all the time.

Been a women is a lot of work, but been a mom and women it’s double the work. Back in the days we had to deal with peer presure. Now, I have to deal with mom looking good all the time presure if you know what I mean.

And I ask myself. How do they do it? Cause I don’t know about you, and please feel free to give me advice if I’m a distaster or don’t now how to handle both at the same time. But between making meals, snacks, playdates, learning time, cleaning, and just keeping up with my handful toddler. I barely have time for me. And when I do  I’m tired, and still put in some workout time. Big shutout to moms with a full time job.

This wave has taking its toll on me. And I’m letting go. I’m accepting this new me. With its flaws. Not looking perfect all the time. But just been happy with the blessing that God has giving me. My daughter.  I’m going to enjoy this journey, and try to be the best version of me without comparing myself with no one.

Bye fitness gurus, mom with three kids and a six pack saying what is your excuse? I don’t need one, I’ve decided to take my time, enjoy motherhood. Your six pack doesn’t make you a better mother and my flaws don’t make me a bad one either. We just have a different ways of doing things. I don’t criticize you, don’t criticize me.

Let us be happy with ourselves and the miracle of motherhood.

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