Let it go…

I admitted, I’m guilty. I’ve been trying to fit in with this new wave of moms looking perfectly after giving birth. And let me tell you, it is exhausting. I put so much pressure on myself to get back into shape and I criticize everysingle inch of my new mommy body and shame on me, I’ve compared myself with other mothers that are looking neat and perfect all the time.

Been a women is a lot of work, but been a mom and women it’s double the work. Back in the days we had to deal with peer presure. Now, I have to deal with mom looking good all the time presure if you know what I mean.

And I ask myself. How do they do it? Cause I don’t know about you, and please feel free to give me advice if I’m a distaster or don’t now how to handle both at the same time. But between making meals, snacks, playdates, learning time, cleaning, and just keeping up with my handful toddler. I barely have time for me. And when I do  I’m tired, and still put in some workout time. Big shutout to moms with a full time job.

This wave has taking its toll on me. And I’m letting go. I’m accepting this new me. With its flaws. Not looking perfect all the time. But just been happy with the blessing that God has giving me. My daughter.  I’m going to enjoy this journey, and try to be the best version of me without comparing myself with no one.

Bye fitness gurus, mom with three kids and a six pack saying what is your excuse? I don’t need one, I’ve decided to take my time, enjoy motherhood. Your six pack doesn’t make you a better mother and my flaws don’t make me a bad one either. We just have a different ways of doing things. I don’t criticize you, don’t criticize me.

Let us be happy with ourselves and the miracle of motherhood.

Share your story.



21 thoughts on “Let it go…

  1. The main concern is having a healthy body–one which can run after your little girl and throw her into the air. A “healthy” body is a lot different from a six pack. Enjoy each moment of this beautiful mom life!!

  2. I agree! Love your sweet one! Enjoy every second! Cherish each moment, and stay healthy, you’re needed. Part of “healthy” includes self-acceptance…and acknowledgement that you are beautiful just as you were created to be. What a wonderful lesson to teach your little one! Love it!

  3. I gave up trying to look perfect a long time ago. This is the time of my life where I will look a mess, but be having fun climbing trees and playing with my kids. Hopefully, when they have grown up and have a heap of happy childhood memories of a Mum that got involved, I can then start to look nice again :O)

  4. Most of the time, those mothers who easily get back to their old shape are those who have naturally slender body type and their bone structure. Just like me. I didnt put much effort but i have a body that most of my mommy-friends envy. But i tell them not to. And because of that i have realized not everyone can have the body that i have after giving birth. So, i need to take care of myself physically as well. And i am happy to be healthy. Nothing is easy but everything is possible. πŸ™‚

  5. Way to go! It is honestly so hard to decide to let go of society’s pressures. I’m still trying to convince myself that health and happiness are what my goal REALLY is, not a completely toned and slim body. I’m slowly finding what works for me. Thanks for your blog post! πŸ™‚

  6. Amazing Post & So true! I can relate 100%
    My Story:
    When I had my daughter I would eat ONE cracker a day and drink water and convince myself I was full and didn’t need anything else. She was 6 months and I was happy cause’ I looked slimmer then I did before I had her, but I was always tired and not so energized and would cry cause I couldn’t play with her for that long without wanting to sit cause my head hurt! All my friends were “MILF”‘s and I wanted to fit in as well, be the hot mom, but trying to fit in had me sick. By the time I had my son two years later (a 9lb baby) I was bigger then I was after I had My daughter! Depression kicked in and I was almost going back to my cracker diet, when my fiancΓ© made me realized I don’t need to look like the other moms, I don’t need to let myself go either, in my children’s eyes, and his, I’m perfect and that makes me happy!

  7. These days there is so much pressure on people to look good. Especially mums! It’s sad because it has zero to do with how good a parent you are.
    Currently after having my first baby just over 9 months ago, I’m slimmer than I’ve ever been but my body shape has changed and I have a saggy little tummy and boobs haha. People say “Wow you look amazing!” The reality is, in the early days I lost weight just from breastfeeding and not eating enough! But now I’m more focused on being healthy, and fortunately I’m happy with my health and body. I think exercise is important too, but I’m sick to death of the obsession with being in a gym if you’re a mum. Whatever happened to taking your baby for a walk or getting a work out from putting the washing on the line?
    Being bombarded by pictures of celebrities who look great in mummyhood is deceiving. It can be so tempting to fall into the trap of wanting to look good all of the time. But I know I’d rather focus on being a GOOD mum than a GOOD-LOOKING mum πŸ˜‰
    Looking back, my mama was never glamorous when she was taking care of us. She never had Facebook, or Instagram, or glossy mags. But she was the best there ever was! And she was BEAUTIFUL. She always taught me that beauty comes from within. It’s cliche but true!

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