The journey begins

When I found out I was pregnant, I went into let’s learn everything about babies and labor mode on. My favorites shows were A baby story and Pregnant in heels. But I didn’t stop there internet became my best friend. I read from colics, sudden death syndrome, baby vaccines,c-section, epidural,natural labor and I could go on and on . I was into watching everything as real as possible, I’m talking about live labors and c-section.  Yeah it can be overwhelming.  But I wanted to know as much as I could of everything. So on September 30th 2012 my water broke. I jumped out of my bed into the bathroom took a bath and another one and another one, until my mom screamed at me the water it’s not going to stop. My labor didn’t go as I planned, learned or imagine. I will make a blog about it later. What I’m trying to say is that no matter how much we read about labor, motherhood and everything that has to do with it. We are never fully prepare for the life changing experience of becoming a mom. A new me was born the day. To moms to be take one day at a time and enjoy this wonderful jorney. It’s been 2 years since I became a mother and I learn something new everyday. Isabella is my teacher and her smiles are my rewards. Never a dull moment. 

Share your story…



How to deal

Finally some quiet and alone time to write my first blog. I never get much of it nowadays. I’m at the stage of helping Isabella to deal with her meltdowns. They don’t happen very often, but she is a toddler learning to deal with her emotions. But I realize this week when I took her to eat ice cream that I need to learn how to deal with the pressure of people looking at me, while she’s having her meltdown. I feel uncomfortable, center of attention and embarrassed. Along comes the strangers that want to step in and tell you what to do. Believe me it happened to me that day. I was trying to calm Isabella and some Radom lady grab my daughter and was telling me what to do.

So I learned how to deal. here are my tips:

*Breath,don’t get caught up in the drama.
*calm down. Don’t scream or spank the toddler.
*It’s difficult but ignore the tantrum, and the raised eyebrows of the crowd.
*Let your child scream it out. Walk around. And return to the place when your toddler has calm down.
*persons offering unwanted advice say “thank you, but I have this under control.

The right tactic has to do with each individual need. But I learn that addressing the meltdown as it happens is a better long term solution than just leave or give in on what Isabella wants at the moment.

Share your story. How do you deal?